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About Us

Alive is a Christian Youth Service in eastern Germany.

We are about 25 Volunteers and it’s important to us to show the Christian faith to the German youth, connect them to other Christians and being there for them as role models and friends.

Every month we’re organizing the Junction, a youth service in our home region and Sprachcamp takes place each summer.




Sprachcamp is a Christian based summer camp where the students can improve their school English and be together with other amazing people to have fun and share great experiences. Every year there are about 20 Americans travelling to Germany to teach English at Sprachcamp. We think you’ll have a lot of fun here.

The next Sprachcamp will be in August 8th to 15th in Mötzow. We love to get to know you!


Sprachcamp is a special place where God brings people from all over the world together, transforming lives through hearing Truth, and where people can build deep relationships founded on Jesus… AND all while laughing and having a great time. My life was changed at Sprachcamp in 2011 as an American staff as I realized there for the first time how truly amazing our God is. Since then, I have been to camp four more times and a big part of my heart will always be in Germany. Sprachcamp is a truly incredible ministry where truth is faithfully and beautifully taught, conversations about what it truly important is all around and we always have an amazing time. I love Sprachcamp!!Jen Smith, California